January 15, 2013

52 List, this is number 2, Jobs I have had

Pip of Meet Me At Mikes has started a 52 lists, one for every week of the year, and I'm going to try to keep it up for the year.  This is the 2nd week.

I've had a lot of jobs, no careers.  I worked at two banks, I worked at General Telephone, now Verizon, twice.  I worked for Pennzoil for 7 years, I loved that part-time job.  I worked for another automotive aftermarket company ARA, an air conditioning, cruise control and stereo company for 8 years.  I was with them when cellular first hit our country.  In my shop, we installed cell phones in cars, with those crazy antennas before the system was active.  We had no idea if they'd work!  My last job in automotive was outside sales, for one year.

I moved into retail after 16 years in automotive, what a change.  I was a GM at Victoria's Secret, at This End Up Furniture and at Crabtree and Evelyn; a total of 9 years.  I stopped working full time in 1996.

Part time, I worked for 3 years as a custom picture frame designer at Fast Frame, then 12 years as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble.  I'm now happily retired.

Where have you worked?  If you do your own post, please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. I sometimes get depressed that my career got cut short and then I had jobs.

    Retired sounds like a good job.

  2. ps. lists. kind of a fun idea.
    I'll put it on my list ha ha

  3. I've been retired for quite a while now. My last job I managed a small English tea room and did just about everything from cooking the meals to waiting on tables. I did that for six years, turned up one day for lunch and had the right accent I suppose :) It was the most fun job I ever had as often I was invited to sit down with the customers who became good friends.

    Before that I did the craft circuit route; cut, sanded and painted my own wooden Christmas ornaments to sell at major craft shows, and as I did military ornaments, the annual craft show at Annapolis Naval Academy was a major event. Did this for about 15 years until my fingers couldn't take the hours of painting any more.

    When I worked in England I was a secretary for a Child Psychiatrist. Before that I worked in a travel agency.

    Had to let you know you've made me a big fan of Sees Chocolates thanks to your gift. I thanked you on my after Christmas ramble. I didn't eat them all myself but shared them around over the holiday. Our company enjoyed their treats too. Thanks again Janice and have a great week :)


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