December 1, 2012


Exercise, I'm not getting enough.  I love to walk the San Diego Zoo, and during my visit on Friday, I found I lacked the oomph to walk as much as I wanted.  I've become sedentary; lots of computer time, sewing/quilting time and reading.  All those things are done sitting, for the most part.  Sure, I teach Tai Chi, but it's not enough.  Plus I no longer walk the 3+ miles each time I worked at Barnes and Noble!


On Friday, I resolved to start exercising regularly.  No computer or sewing time, if I having exercised.  My favorite exercise is walking.   Today, right after breakfast, I walked, not far, only 1.8 miles; but I walked.  I'll slowly build up and get back in shape.

How about you, what shape are you in?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. You go girl...walking is so easy n its free!!! You can't go wrong!!


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