November 26, 2012

New PCs

Both of the computers in our house were Windows XP, and Microsoft was no longer supporting that program.  So, it was time for new computers.  We went to Best Buy and decided what we wanted.  We both got PC's, the new all in ones.  We no longer have a tower, it's all built into the screen.  They're really superneat.  Bob and I set his up; his was real simple, and nothing needed to be transferred.  Our computer geek came today, and finished a few things with Bobs' and set mine up.  I now have a super wide screen, it's great.

prytzfamily new screen

prytzfamily new screen

 On my old screen, pinterest showed only 4 columns, now I have seven!
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  1. How neat! I love my laptop for being able to take it anywhere and everywhere. We also got more space in our family room when we got rid of our computer desk. Have a great day Jan!


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