July 1, 2012


Yesterday was the annual Davis Family Reunion.  Attendance was low this year for various reasons, but we still had a great time.  My Aunt Vicky host this event every year close to the 4th of July.  The highlight this year was when we convinced Aunt Vicky and her sister Aunt Shirley to hula for us.  These women are in their late 70's, Aunt Vicky will be 80 this November; my cousin Glenn is planning a luau, complete with a roasted pig!

Before we get to the photos of the dancing, I have to tell a little about Aunt Vicky.  She's not that much older than me; she married my Uncle Bobby, when she was pretty young.  Her family is Hawaiian, from up-island Maui.  When she visits Maui, she's related to most of the natives, because her great grandparents and grandparents all produced large number of children.  When Aunt Vicky married into our family, her sister immediately became my aunt, too.

I come from a large loving extended family and Aunt Vicky is a fantastic person and aunt.  Here's some photos.  I bet some of the younger generation are posting videos on youtube.

Aunt Shirley (left) and Aunt Vicky.

Christopher, Oden, Glenn and Robert enjoying the dancing.

Aunt Vicky says, I'm done!

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  1. Love it! I want to be their young at heart when I am their ages.

  2. I bet they are full of fun...it sure looks like it!!


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