July 30, 2012

Grand time

We're back from our trip and we really had a grand time.  After we got to Chicago, via Virgin America (which only got 2 out of 5  's from me,) and got to our hotel, we met up with Sharon's BFF, Kimberly.  She and her husband, Cisco, drove from Iowa to have dinner with us.  The perfect start to our vacation.

Funny thing happened at breakfast the first day.  We walked to a nearby diner, with our Detroit Tigers gear on.  After serving us the waitress asked if we were from Michigan.  I said, "No, we're from California, we just bought the shirts because we're going to a Tigers game."  She and a few others in the diner laughed and laughed.  She said, "That's not what I expected."  We wore home-team T's for all the stadiums, except when our Dodgers played.  If we wore the shirts, the team won!

The Baseball Part.

Our trip was wonderful but long.  In 9 days we were bused about 2850 miles, give or take a mile or two.  I can't say enough good things about the tour company we used, Jay Buckley's Baseball Tours.  Their organizational skills were outstanding.  The trip was near perfect and I highly recommend them.  Bob and I are already talking about taking another trip with Jay Buckley, in the future.

This is how the trip went:

Day 1:  Pick up in Chicago, game LA Angels at Detroit
Day 2:  NY Mets at Washington
Day 3:  Toronto at NY Yankees
Day 4:  Guided tour of Fenway Park.  Quincy Market for shopping, dining and sightseeing.
            Chicago White Sox at Boston
Day 5:  South Street Seaport, Manhattan for lunch, guided tour of Manhattan
            LA Dodgers at NY Mets
Day 6:  Cooperstown, NY, Baseball Hall of Fame
Day 7:  Cooperstown, NY, Induction Ceremony
Day 8:  Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh.
Day 9:  Back to Chicago

We loved all the games, we really had a grand time.

The Wisconsin Part

Whenever Bob and I are on the other side of the country, we try to visit his Aunt Lorraine.  She's one of the most wonderful people I know.  Since she was a girl, she's been called Sis, so we call her Aunt Sis.  She's only 7 years older than Bob, so she's not ancient, either.  We had a really great visit with Aunt Sis and her children, Bob's cousins.  Patty, Jim, Chuck and Kelly were all around to visit and have fun with. Chuck took Oden fishing and that was the highlight, for all of us.

Oden practiced Catch and Release; he caught a total of 8 fish.  He tried to convince Sharon that they needed to move to Wisconsin.  P.S. Oden never smiles in his photos!

The photo below says it all.  I woke up early and took a photo of the mist rising off the river.  Yes, the Menominee River is in Aunt Sis's backyard.  The 2nd shot, caught Oden walking down to the pontoon boat, fishing rod in hand.  This was about 7 AM, and Oden never voluntarily gets out of bed before 11 AM, during the summer.

We had a wonderful time in Wisconsin.  The family visit was icing on the cake of our baseball trip.  I took eleventy-thousand photos, but I'm trying to to overload my readers.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. This is a lovely post -- I can tell that you're really enjoying your trip! The last early morning picture is just stunning -- it captures summer and childhood and all those wonderful things. It's a beautiful shot.

  2. That was some trip. Sounds like you had a grand time.


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