June 19, 2012

Odds and Ends, NYC

Need a new, custom dress form.

View from my hotel window, day and night.

My hotel was right next to the Cop Shop.  Yes, mounted cops, too.

That's the Flat Iron Building on the left.

Their gas was less expensive than ours, that week.

Walking to the BEA, I spotted a cruise ship.

Sculpture in the traffic median at Broadway and W. 139th.

Sign posted on a church.


Sidewalk shopping in the garment district.

Interesting buildings down by Battery Park.

Ellis Island, from Governors Island.

If you're riding a cross-town bus, get your "ticket" here, using your Metro Card or credit card.  
Keep it with you, because the transit cops will get on board to make sure you've paid.  Stops the cheaters.

This was the week the Challenger arrived in NYC.
Top shot from our balcony, bottom shot from the same place, one week later.

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