June 24, 2012

June 24

If you know me, you know I can't carry a tune in a bucket; but that never stops me from singing.  I love music.  You always know who your friends are, if you sing like I do, and they don't tell you to shut up.  This is was this morning's song"

Happy Birthday, to you,
Happy Birthday, to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Bob,
You're Seventy-two!

I never expected Bob to reach 70, because of his health struggles, and today he's 72.  It's wonderful.

Today, we're going to a matinee performance of Oliver, with our friends Kaye and Gary, then out to dinner.  We always buy season's tickets with them, and then enjoy dinner out.

I've also lost a couple of pounds in the past week, three more to go to get back to pre-NYC/Bermuda.  We're leaving on another trip, mid July, so any weight loss in the next couple of week will be great.

Sharon called on Friday, she has to go to Alaska, for business this week.  It's a late minute thing, and she asked if Oden can come and stay with us.  Starting Monday, Oden will be in the house.  I asked Sharon if she needed an assistant, because I've never been to Alaska, she said she was covered for this trip.  Darn.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. Happy B.day to Bob...may you have more to follow! Enjoy your day out! Oh!! enjoy your grandsons visit too!


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