May 15, 2012

Weekend Report

I had a great Mother's Day weekend.  Carrie sent a beautiful necklace, and we had a good telephone conversation, across the miles.  Erin has moved out, to the "Coast", the other coast, and Brett is growing like a weed and eating like a horse!

 Triple Orchid Necklace

This is my new necklace, (that's not my chest!)  
It's from an shop called Morgan Prather Accessories.

Sharon and Oden came on Saturday for a visit.  A day early and we beat the Mother's Day craziness.  It's been 3 months since we've seen them, and Oden got his quarterly haircut.  Yes, I'm Oden's official hair-cutter.

We went out to an early dinner at Sebastian's Italian Grill.  Back home we settled in to watch the Dodgers, we're all big fans.  Before they left, I gave Sharon a stack of books I thought she'd like.  It's so nice to have daughters who read.  She told me she couldn't wait for the next  book by our favorite Canadian author Michael Van Rooy.  I broke the news that he'd died unexpectedly this January, he was only 42.  So, there'll be no more books about Montgomery "Monty" Havikko.  I just found out myself, when I was updating my books on Good Reads.  
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