Easter memory

 Peppermint, sitting in an Easter basket.

It's been almost 40 years since this happened.  It was very, very early on Easter morning.  The sun wasn't up, and Bob was still at work, patrolling the streets of LA.  My daughters, 5 and 3, burst into my bedroom, with the horrible news that the Easter Bunny had forgotten them.  Oh, No.

I told them to go back to bed and to not open their bedroom doors until the sun was up.  I said that that should give the Easter Bunny time to get to our house.  It was a very tricky situation.  Our bedrooms were adjacent, and the Easter baskets were all ready, across the hall in the linen closet.  I'd just forgot to put them out in the living room.

I waited about a half hour, and tiptoed to the linen closet, got the Easter baskets and tiptoed to the living room.  After placing the baskets, I crept back to my bed and snuggled in for a couple of hours sleep.

Carrie and Sharon woke me up at sunrise with the fantastic news that the Easter Bunny had come, and they heard him!   They couldn't believe how great it was to actually hear the Easter Bunny. 

This is a photo of them, at about the right age, that I found in my Mom's stash that was left for trash, when she relocated to OR.

My beautiful, wonderful daughters who heard the Easter Bunny.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


Carrie said...

NO, NO, it was definitely the Easter bunny - I remember!

Jan n Jer said...

Awwww how sweet...that story warmed my heart! :)

Pokey said...

Love those happy family memories ~ Happy Easter!

Paula said...

What a lovely, lovely memory. And such a cute bunner in the basket, almost as cute as your two girls.

Walker said...

Wonderful story.

Karmyn R said...


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