January 7, 2012

Women's Hearts.

In our family, the women really don't have heart disease, we're lucky.  But I know things can change, in a heart-beat, and I've always supported the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women.  I always have some of their little lapel pins to pass out, and wear one on my lanyard at work.

Now, one of the quilters has started Sew Red for Women.

There'll be a blog hop, starting next month.  "Some of today's most talented bloggers and designers are creating blocks just for Sew Red for Women's Blog Hop! 12 Months of Red & White 12" blocks that will finish into a Heart Healthy heirloom that you will cherish for a life time. And with your completed quilt, is the daily reminder that your heart is at the center of your body and health!

Don't want to make an entire quilt- no problem! Any of our blocks can be used to make smaller projects! Placements, bags, mini quilts there is no limit!"

I'm a follower, why don't you follow, too, to see what'll happen.  (I'm posting this on two blogs, I hope no one minds.)
Be well and do good,

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