January 28, 2012


I know families who only have a cellphones, they may have one for each family member.  They live in a home with no land-line.  From a safety viewpoint, this could be dangerous.  

Why is this dangerous, you may ask?  If you have a land-line, or home phone, and you have an emergency, a fire, a heart attack, a stroke, a sick baby, etc., you can call 911, and the call center will know where you are.  If, for some reason, you're unable to respond to their questions, they will know where you are and will be able to dispatch help to you.  Call 911, get help.

On the other hand, if you use a cell phone, the call center is probably the Highway Patrol, and they have NO idea where you are.  NO idea.  As long as you can talk, you can give them the information they need.  They then will transfer you to the correct call center, and you've wasted a lot of time, just because you don't have a land-line.  And if you can't talk, it boggles the mind.  Call 911, and get transferred, then get help.

I hope you have a land-line.  

Be well and do good,

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  1. We do have a land line. That's one of the reasons why. Also when our cell phones aren't charged or have no bars in the house we can still use our home phone. We've lived in a few places where certain parts of the house the cell doesn't work.


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