January 15, 2012

Happy Sunday

Hope you have a great Sunday.  Here's two fun animal vids, for today.

"like watching a bunch of 8 year olds chasing a soccer ball!" on GMA

"It's been reported that the footage was taken in an animal park in Washington called the "Olympic Game Farm" - a sanctuary known for taking in one-time animal performers and giving them a good home.

Perhaps that's the reason why this kodiak bear is so friendly, almost looking like he recognises the little girl before affectionately lifting a paw in her direction.

By us, it's the casual, sitting-down pose the bear is pulling off that makes it - he's just some bear, you know? Some bear who likes waving at little girls. The way all bears should, frankly." - Huffington Post

Be well and do good,

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  1. when Karmyn was a tiny kid we went to the Olympic Game Farm. A bison decided to lick the drivers window. We had never seen such a tongue. It rocked the car, too!


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