October 30, 2011


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I have made a pretty drastic change, resigning from B&N, but the other change was small.  I use google reader to keep track of the blogs I read, if you don't use a reader, you should.  Using google reader will save you from clicking back and forth between your favorite blogs to see who has posted.

My reader was out of control; I'd either followed or subscribed to a ton of blogs; some mornings there'd be over 300 new posts.  In order to get things under control I started un-following or unsubscribing to a lot of blogs.  I think I deleted all the blogs that just show a teaser in the reader, you had to click over to read the full post and/or see the photos.  I find that irritating, even though I know why the blogger does this, I don't like it, so they're gone.

I'm hoping to have no more shocking 300 post, first thing in the AM.
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