August 10, 2011


Recently Amy at A Commonplace Life posted about her migraines.  I had daily migraines for over 25 years, and this is the comment I left her:

"I had migraines for years.  They were atypical and started when I was in my 30's.  I had them most days, sometimes twice a day for over 25 years.  I got no help from drs because my migraines weren't "normal".  When I did finally get help the side effects of the meds where horrendous.  Finally I couldn't work anymore, and retired at 51.  When I was 57, I met a woman, a retired nurse, who referred me to a great neurologist.  After trying a couple of different things and reviewing my history, he suggested botox.  I would never consider botox to look younger, but I'd consider almost anything, including brain surgery, if I thought it'd stop my migraines.

Here's the thing, botox injections hurt during the procedure, not after.  I can't imagine doing this for beauty!  When you get botox for migraines, they use a lot; in your forehead area and at the base of your neck.  It was so very worth it.  It's been almost 10 years and I rarely have migraines.  When I had them daily, I had no idea what my "triggers" were.  Now, I know.  I gave up chocolate and wine; to me it was a no-brainer.  The only trigger I can't control is atmospheric changes.  When I have a migraine, now, I take Frova.  It has very few side effects."

I shared this hoping it might help someone else.  Amy let me know that she's talked to her Dr. about this and thinks she might have to go this way.  I wish her and every migraine sufferer out there, lots of luck.

The photos have nothing to do with migraines, of course.  I took them on Monday, when Oden and I went to the San Diego Zoo.
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  1. Very interesting...I know a lot of people who suffer from migraines, I will pass along this info! Thanks for sharing Jan

  2. Thanks Jan. My 8 year-old grandson suffers migraines.

  3. Great information. I seldom get migraines but when I am suffering from one, you do think you'll do ANYTHING to stop it. What is Frova? Thanks for sharing. This is information I'll be passing onto my friends and family who suffer from migraines.


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