August 11, 2011


I started cutting hair when my husband became a police officer.  I cut his hair and my daughters' hair, pretty much until they left home, (the daughters, not Bob); it sure helped the budget.

I started cutting Oden's hair last year.  He was never happy with the haircuts he got at a barber shop or when  Sharon would take him to a hairdresser.  So, Sharon asked me to cut his hair.  The live about 80 miles away, so it works out well, that Oden likes to wear his hair long.  Above is a before photo taken on Monday at the San Diego Zoo.

I took about 4-5 inches off, and what a difference.  He really didn't want his photo taken but, life's tough when you're just 11.

We're off to a minor league baseball game, tonight.  Single A Baseball equals tons of fun.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. U did a great job. I used to cut my girls hair when they were small! It does save $$$!

  2. I used to cut my girls hair when they were little. But, I won't cut my husbands hair...he is way to picky and he says that he isn't.


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