August 5, 2011

Fun and sad day

Today was my friend Andrew's last day of work at Barnes and Noble.  He's headed off to graduate school in Central California.  I've known Andrew for over 10 years: he's a very special person.  You can tell from the send off he received how special he is.

Warning, lots of photos.

7 AM, Surprise!

I gave Andrew a quilt.  He asked how I found out that these were his colors!

There was cake, later, about 11 AM,

Made by Sandy, our own Cake Boss!

As well as a "college care package".

 Here's Andrew when he realized, that his day was going to get crazier.

I think he liked the lei!

I didn't help that much but they wanted me in the photo.

You could call us the "usual suspects".

There were also hula dancers.

And video:

Lots of video, not good video, just lots of video

Many fellow employees came in on their day off, it was a great send off.
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