July 26, 2011

Catching up

I haven't posted on this page for a week; not unheard of but unusual.  I've been busy, but have had nothing important, or un-important to blog about.

I did post on FB about two unusual customer experiences, one with a b*tch:

I asked a woman to not sit on the floor, today. I told her it was a safety issue, she was really spread out with her body and books, no one could get by. She said, "Who's safety are you concerned with?!"

And one with a nice young man, trying to get his life in order:

Best customer contact, at work today - "I drink too much beer." I took him to the addiction section. He really did want to stop drinking.

As always, on FB, I got some great comments on these post.

Last night Bob and I went to a Dodgers Game.  Sharon and Oden were already planning on going.  Sharon had won great seats to the game, as part of a charity auction she participates in every year.  Their seats were in the field level, right behind home plate.

Bob and I had nothing planned for Monday, so we decided to go, too.  The Dodgers have a great deal, if you buy certain seats, you get a free MetroLink train ride, and bus ride, to the ballpark.  We bought the deal, but ended up driving; Riverside County is the only one that service stops before the game ends; we could get there but not get home until the morning!  Next time we'll do that deal for a day game, it should be fun.

I ran into Sharon and Oden getting Dodger Dogs, and gave Sharon her birthday card.  Yes, it was her birthday, yesterday.  After they'd eaten, they came and visited with Bob and I at our seats.  They were seated in section 1 and we were in section 43.

If you know me, you know my favorite Dodger is Matt Kemp.  Here's some Kemp overload:

Another of my favorites is Tony Gwynn Jr.  He was born in Long Beach, how could I not love the kid.

Here's the two of them goofing off, between innings.

Sharon got her name in lights, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON PRYTZ.  What a treat.  No photo of the birthday girl, on her birthday.  Here's an old one of all of us.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,

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  1. That must have felt so exciting to see your name pop up at the game. How fun!


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