June 30, 2011

what do you do?

Karen from Sew Many Ways posed a good question, today.

"When you get up in the morning, what do you do?...do you...

Shower, get ready, get dressed and then go into the house to start your day...or

Do you go out into the house in your pj's or comfy clothes, have a cup of tea or coffee, something to eat, start the craziness with the family etc..."

This is what I do:

I eat my breakfast and read the newspaper in my jammies, then I shower and get ready for my day.  I don't start any projects or cleaning, until I'm dressed. Be prepared is my motto.

How about you?  How does your morning start?

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  1. I love my leisure mornings...slowly waking up with my coffee n watching the news. No hurry to go anywhere or do anything...I have all day. Retirement is wonderful!!!

  2. I wish I was more of a Robin than an owl. I wake up slowly with my coffee and news. But, I don't do any work until I'm showered, dressed and the bed made. Could be 10 by then though.


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