June 18, 2011


This week I got to meet one of my favorite blog friends, In Real Life.

I've been blog friends with Allie for a few years.  Since she stopped blogging, she's pretty busy with things like kids and life; we've stayed in touch via FB.  She and her fab family were in SoCal for a huge family get together, beach, Disneyland, San Diego; but managed to find time to spend some time with Bob and I.  Allie's husband Chris is a policeman in Provo, UT, so he and Bob had a lot in common.  Allie and I are very different but have always had a great time via blogs and FB.  There's a great age difference, but that's easily ignored.

Here are Allie and Chris's great children.  Bryson, Alexa, Ty and Kolin.  Allie was worried about us being invaded by them, but Bob and I like kids, especially great kids like these.

This is Chris:

Allie and I:

Alexa, capturing Bob:

These were taken, while out to lunch at our favorite diner, Richie's.
Sorry, these are the best photos, but we were too busy having fun and talking.  Photos were an afterthought!

Seems I had a photo problem.  I think I've fixed it.
Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


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