May 11, 2011

Look there's a light

When we were going to our cabin, I'd look down this long hallway and see a light.  Now, I knew they don't put windows in hallways on ships, so I wanted to investigate.  Our cabin was in the very stern and that light was in the very front (bow) of the ship, this was a very long ship; 965 feet to be exact.    Bob, DID NOT want to investigate.

Finally, I insisted, and we discovered the Bridge Viewing Room.  There was a model of the ship.

A fun sign, and all kinds of certificates and memorabilia.  There was a video about the Pearl being built

The light was coming thru the window that allowed passengers to see what was going on, on the bridge.  It was all wonderful, kind of Star Trek-ish; my photo doesn't do it justice.  When we were looking, nothing much was going on, we were in port.  But, it was a great discovery.  Even Bob was happy we'd checked it out.  
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  1. It looks like you two had just the best time. Have you cruised the Greek Isles?

  2. Must have been a wonderful experience. I still recall my 10-day trip in mid-Sixties, from Bombay to Genova (Italy). Crossing the Suez was a highlight of the voyage. spent an evening on shore at Neples,when the city streets were free from garbage dumps.

  3. Wow...looks like a fabulous trip. Thanks for sharing.

    I see you said you are going to the BBC and BEA for the 8th wonderful.

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

    I wish I could go to the BBC and BEA...I have never heard of it until this week...hopefully next year.

    New follower.


  4. Such a great ship! How many cabins were there? Where did you go?


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