April 4, 2011

Birthday Surprise

If you know me, you know that I have great daughters.  Sharon's BFF, Kimberly, has included  Bob and I in many of her family functions.  This month we're invited to a joint birthday party for her 3 and 4 year old daughters.  (She also has an almost 21 year old serving in Afghanistan.)  So, back to the birthday part.  I decided to make Kimberly's daughters headbands.  I used this great tut, and since these are little girls, I made them a bit smaller.

I know what you're thinking, there are two birthday girls, but three headbands.  When I talked to Sharon, today, she told me that Oden's half-sister, Cassia, two and a half, will be coming, too.  I know that at that age she'll love getting a gift, for no reason; so I made three.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. Have fun, Jan. BTW, none of your pictures or link worked, darn that Blogger....

  2. I didnt get the pics either. What a nice gift for the girls. they will love it!

  3. You are a good friend to make all the girls headbands. BTW, I see the pictures just fine.

  4. Nice headbands and very thoughtful to make an extra.


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