March 23, 2011

Shoot me - Prom edition

This is my beautiful granddaughter, Erin, modeling her prom dress.  Prom season always reminds me of a couple of things.  First, I never attended a prom.  My high school boyfriend was about 18 months older than I, and went in the military when he was 17.  He was in Korea for my Junior and Senior proms.  During that time I knew Bob, but we were just friends, and he was in the Navy, and gone most of that time, too.  Bob and I started dating after I was out of high school, and "single".

The second thing is, my daughters we able to go to many proms, Spring Flings and Winter Formals.  I was lucky enough make all their formals.  I would take a week off from work and construct two original gowns.  They never ran into anyone else wearing the same dress.  I was in the automotive after-market business at the time, and was able to barter goods and/or service for a limo ride for them.  They always arrived in style.

This is Carrie and Sharon in their teens.  
They were both smart and beautiful.  BTW, they still are. 

Bob and I went to the movies, on Friday, to see Lincoln Lawyer.  (I highly recommend it.)  I stuck my head thru the opening in this cutout.  It's the closest I ever came to going to a prom.

Forever In Blue Jeans

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  1. Lol I love it...I went to a few proms in high school..but I really didnt enjoy it that much.

  2. It's alright if you were not able to attend proms in high school. I did before and I kind of regret that I did. :P Lovely dress your granddaughter has there! And I would love to see the gowns you made for your daughters, I bet they're lovely too. :)

    Mine's up!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  3. Cute pic. of you. Thats really cool you made your daughters dresses, wish I was good like that :)

  4. Love your granddaughter's dress. Cute photo of you too.

  5. Your girls sure were lucky to attend their proms and formals in custom made dresses. And, how cool to show up in a limo!! BTW, You look great in the blue dress!

  6. I went 4 years to prom and the only time I had fun was the one time I went with a friend. Prom is WAY overrated. And cool that you made the dresses for your daughters. My mom made the dresses for my three bridesmaids and they were beautiful!!!

    I've read the Lincoln Lawyer so I hope the movie does it justice!!

  7. Your daughters are just as pretty as you Jan! I love the "Prom shot" of you! I also love the photos of your daughters. They are excellent!!

  8. You have a lovely granddaughter! The first I ever attended, my dress wasn't that good. I wish my mom supported me about wearing the right gown for prom night. Oh well, My second prom dress was a disaster, I look like a fairy god mother who doesn't have any magic. Mine is up - My Shoot Me

  9. My first visit and I enjoyed it.

  10. Service-for-limo-ride. It is an innovative gift idea, a gift that its giver can say he/she really work for, and the gift-taker would remember for long.


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