March 21, 2011


You may have heard, we had a wicked storm last night.  Huge amounts of wind and rain.  I took some photos this morning while walking the dogs, before the next storm visited.  It's visiting, now!

This is the golf course, from Colony Drive at 7:45 this morning.
Below you can see the ducks enjoying an unplanned lake on the golf green.

Above is a dandelion, they're always facinating to me, with no parachutes.
Below is raindrops on a Cypress Geranium.

And last but not least the battered Jasmine in my front yard.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,

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  1. What a storm with all that rain....looks like the ducks love it!!!! Great macros of the flowers Jan...I have a macro lens coming in the mail any day now...I am so excited!!!


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