March 10, 2011


Could Representative Peter King have a hidden adgenda, with his House Homeland Security Committees'  plan to investigate the threat of Islamic "radicalization" in the U.S.?  King is pro-IRA terrorist , but anti-Islamic terrorist.  It seems he's anti-Muslim, period.  The hearings are scheduled to begin today.

In today's New York Times, Noam Cohen deconstructs King's novel Vale of Tears, a "barely veiled 2004 thriller about a congressman, King's alter-ego, who must thwart a planned 'dirty bomb' attack by Qaeda operatives working in Brooklyn and on Long Island."

Cohen notes some fictional prescience in the story: "On the final page, when you think tragedy has been averted, it is the congressman who gets the call to say the ringleaders have gotten away--off to Yemen. And perhaps a sequel."

Perhaps he's hoping the hearings will ramp up interest in his sequel.
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