February 16, 2011

Shoot me #39

This one is from the files.  Oden, Sharon, my Mom and I at Oden's birthday party, 3 + years ago.  Life has brought many changes and it's wonderful to have photos of happy times.

Forever In Blue Jeans

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  1. It's great to see you with your family. ;) I am so attached with my family, too. And I also love taking pictures with them. Photos will forever keep our memories.
    Happy Thursday. :)

    Mine is at http://www.joahnavernheart.com

  2. Nice Picture. Is so nice to have all the memories we have through the pictures we take...

  3. Even if it's an old picture it is still great!!

  4. Did you guys plan that picutre to be taken because everybody is color coordinated. That's a great family picture

  5. This is such a lovely family photo, Jan. Definitely one that deserves a frame and a place on the mantle.

  6. a happy photo! nice one.

    my entry is now up...enjoy the weekend!



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