January 5, 2011

Shoot Me # 33

Two geeks with cameras.
This was taken New Years Eve day.  Oden and I visited the San Diego Zoo, one of our favorite destinations.  This was our first time stopping the koi pond, near the Administration building, and we took the opportunity to "shoot" ourselves.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Kelly AKA the Church Lady, is now the host of Shoot Me.  Go visit her to see who else played, today.

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  1. Nice shot, took me a moment to realise that it was a reflection!

  2. I had to really study the picture because it looks like two pictures in one. Reflection pictures are the coolest. Looks like "geeks" know how to have fun.

  3. What a great reflection shot, Jan!

    I just noticed your Etsy Shop with all of your beautiful quilts! Great idea!


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