January 24, 2011


At work, B&N in Temecula, there's one other quilter and one that wants to begin quilting.  She said to me the other day, "What I'd like, Janice, is if you and Melissa would take a week off work, and teach me to quilt"!  Even as she said it, she knew that was impractical and wasn't going to happen.

I've been thinking about Pandora's request and thought the Simple Rails Quilt Pattern from Two Wacky Women would be a great place for her to start.  I printed off a copy for her.  Then I thought a good thing to do would to gift her the fabric for the quilt.  I went back and forth - how could I choose for some one else?  I thought about it all weekend.  Last night I dreamed that I picked the fabric to give her with the pattern.  So this morning, I picked out these fabrics to go with the pattern.

I'll give them to her later in the week.  I sure hope she likes them.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. What a generous thing to do. I'm sure she will love the fabrics. They are so bright and cheerful and will look great in the pattern you've chosen. Nola

  2. I think that will make a great Simple Rails quilt.

  3. What a good n generous friend you are Jan. The fabric you picked is sooo pretty n bright!


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