November 14, 2010

Fun night, last night

Aren't these lovely ladies?  They belong to Sharon's friends Kimberly and Francisco.  They are Isabella (2 years) - brown shirt, Olivia (3 years) - pink shirt and Sophia the baby.  Kimberly also has a 20 year old son serving in Afghanistan.  She thinks her memoir would be pretty interesting, and I agree.

Last night Bob and I were invited to Kimberly and Francisco's to watch the Pacquiao boxing match.  I've always loved boxing, and was excited.  Bob was under the weather, (he's fine today), so he stayed home.  I wanted to gift Sophia with the I Spy Baby Quilt I made her, and give the older girls a doll quilt each.

This is the quilt for the baby.

I had two doll quilts and decided to give the larger to the oldest, Olivia.  She was underwhelmed, to say the least.

This is the small doll quilt that I thought Isabella would like;

As soon as Olivia saw this Happy Camper Doll Quilt, she was so excited, the girls traded gifts, immediately.  What Olivia loved were the animals on the flannel back of the quilt.  We had a great conversation about the animals and going to the Zoo or Animal Park.

Isabella loved the Happy Hands Doll Quilt, because it was big enough to become a cape and help her fly like Superman.  Isabella is seldom still, so this was the best photo I got of her.

My contribution to the party was JP's Peanut Candy Bars.  Gary from work describes them as "Crack on a Plate".  They really are good.

Also, attending were Kimberly's Mom and Dad and Francisco's Mom, who lives with them.  Sharon and Oden were no shows because Oden had a fever.  Thank you Kimberly and Francisco for having me over.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. Kids have a way of working things out all on their own. LOL Love the quilts.

  2. What a sweet gift!! I just have to tell you my granddaughter is Isabella and my youngest is Olivia!!! Too funny! Love the quilts.♥

  3. Absolutely beautiful little girls!!! Your quilts look pretty beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing!


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