October 1, 2010


Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin: Book Cover

I've been reading all kinds of good things about Crooked Letter, Crooked letter, by Tom Franklin.  I just scored an ARC!  Yeah!  I stopped by the bookstore to check my schedule for next week, and there the ARC was,  on the break room table, just waiting for me.  I'm excited.

I also scored Buzz, A Year of Paying Attention.  I love a good memoir.  I'm very happy.

Buzz by Katherine Ellison: Download Cover

I've been sewing all day, maybe I need a reading break.  Right now, I'm reading Man In Woods by Scott Spenser.  I'm really enjoying it; I'll finish it before starting anything new.  I'm not much for jumping back and forth between books.


  1. Just finished One Day that I won from one of your book giveaways. What a wonderful book and the best thing is I read in while in London where the book takes place!

  2. All 3 of those look fantastic!! I love your books. And I love reading about your life, it brings a smile to my face. P.S. He was cleared, not that it was a surprise, but it's still nice. :)


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