October 12, 2010


I've been pretty busy sewing. I finished two versions of the same quilt, and I wrote a tutorial!

I made Oden's Halloween costume.  He initially said he wanted a hooded cape, I figured, no problem.  Upon further questioning, what he really wanted was a charcoal gray hooded Jedi Robe, but not really; he wanted it to slip over his head.  We went to Walmart and found the perfect fabric, a mask and some phony blood, all for under $20.00.  Next, I found a great tutorial, and just modified it to pull over his head.  I popped it and his book he left behind, in the mail this morning.  No photos, it didn't fit Bob or I, and Oden is 80 miles away.

I decided to start posting about my quilts and sewing things at My Quilting Life.  Now, I have separate blogs for Book Reviews, Cooking, Photos and Quilting.

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