October 14, 2010

Blog Friends

Over two and a half years ago, I participated in my first blog give away, One World One Heart.  I gave a way a necklace to three different winners.  It was one of my favorite designs, here's the photo:

I'd only been blogging, other than Book Reviews, for a couple of months, and I wasn't quilting, I was beading.  The winners are wonderful women I've kept in touch with via our blogs and FB.  I feel blessed to have met them.  One, I actually talked to on the phone, but I haven't met any of these three IRL, maybe some day.  The winners were, Allie, Raesha and Mel, but I was the real winner.


  1. Heartwarming post. Beautiful necklaces.


  2. I love having offline relationships with people I've met online over the years. I've developed some fantastic relationships. Love your beading!

  3. I have been a horrible blogger and blog checker lately!! I finally do, and look what I find! I love my necklace, and I beg to differ, I won. More than just a necklace. Thank you for your friendship and support. Oh, and I loved putting a voice to your face. ;)


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