October 5, 2010

2010 Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show, Part Three

I think this will be my last installment of the 2010 Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show.  I want to give a special compliment of my LQS, the Quilter's Coop.  As I said, the day was unusually hot and humid for Southern California, and I was suffering the effects.  I stopped in Quilter's Coop, and they were doing landmark business, yeah for them.  In their classroom they had set up a big washtub of water bottles and they had trays of cookies.  I'm not a water drinker, but I tell you I was so happy to see that water, I could have cried, really.  I thanked them and after I'd recovered, some what, I took advantage of their special of the day, 10 fat quarters for $15, and a yard of clearance fabric for $5.  Life is good.

Now, on to the photos.  I took a ton, and I'm just going to show some of my favorites.  I'll give credit, where I can.

This Christmas Row Quilt is by Sandy Hairgrove, in addition to being lovely, it had the best pieced binding.

This is Log Cabin of Blues by Clydene Sigle.  She made this at a weekend retreat.

Best Friends, was made by Rosemary Williams

Red Star Dawing, by Marc Joost.

Check It Out Quilt, by Sandie Hairgrove.

Baby Turtles by Janet Kepler

My Grandma's Aprons by Gail Ledbetter.

Boxers any one?  I didn't get any quilter info.

Thimbleberrie Houses by Annette Fecteau

Maple Sugar Hearts by Annette Fecteau

I loved this un-named quilt by Shellie Wilson.  She said it was inspired by her nephew's career in the culinary arts.

Adrian's Quilt by Gail Ledbetter.

Cabin In The Woods, by Shelly Wilson

When I walked by these ladies, I overheard them lamenting the fact that neither of them had brought a camera.  I thought that was amazing, so I offered to email them my photos, and they declined!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the 2010 Temecula Outdoor quilt show.  My photos of last year are here: 1 displays, 2 Autumn, 3 patriotic, 4 hearts, 5 fun, 6 stars, and 7.

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    All the quilts are my favorites! Thank you so much for sharing all of them.


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