September 28, 2010

The Unmade Bed

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Amagansett by Lilo Raymond

I've got some time on my hands, today.  The house is sparkle-y clean, because our card-playing group is meeting here tonight: so I can't sew.  Sewing makes such a mess, at least the way I sew.  We have a small house and the loose strings and little bitty pieces of fabric, do like to wander around and spread the mess.

If you stop by here often, you may remember this post a couple of weeks ago, where I said this:

Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.
I only make our bed when I change the sheets.  I think I'll do a post on that.

It's true, neither Bob nor I make our bed, daily.  How can that be?  You say.  You ask, why do you have to make your bed every day, and I don't?

During the early years of our marriage, our bed was made, like clock-work, each weekday morning.  On weekends it was a bit later, I was still up at the break of dawn, but Bob loved to sleep in, and still does.  I think it's genetic.  

Six years into the marriage, our lives and finances changed dramatically when Bob took a different career path and became a LAPD officer.  The bed was still getting made each morning for the first year or so, and then in spite of all my budgeting, taking a huge cut in pay to become a cop, caught up with us; and I went to work part time for Pennzoil.  This is when bed making went out the window.  

I'd be driving to work on the freeway, and Bob would be driving home from Watts, we'd wave to each other as we passed, at 60 mph.  Bob would go home and go to bed, for the day.  The bed I'd just left.  By then we had two kids, so a wonderful woman named Gladys came to our home each time I went to work, I usually only worked twice a week, at the beginning.  That way Bob could sleep, the kids were well cared for by Gladys, who was the mother of Bob's best friend.  She didn't care that Bob was asleep while she was in the house, the way another woman might have.  Gladys has nothing to do with the unmade bed, but I appreciated her so much, I thought I’d mention her.

The time came when Bob and I were both working more normal hours, and the kids were both in school, by then an un-made bed was just part of our lives, and we never resumed making the bed on a daily basis. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I also have no idea if we've condemned our daughters of a life of non-bed making.  It's none of my business.


  1. I don't make my bed either. I seldom wake up with the duvet cover on me (I don't put a duvet inside it because I get too hot, even in winter.) and so I leave it where it is. When I go to bed I don't usually cover myself until I start getting cold. But I might be asleep before that.

  2. I don't technically make our bed except on the day I change the sheets either. Every morning I pull the sheets and blankets up and straighten them but it's only to keep the dogs from getting on the sheets. I know I'm weird, I just don't want the dogs on the sheets. :0)

  3. I can see how you got out of the habit with your jobs being spread out all day. I guess the word here is habit! I cant remember not making my bed (except when I was a kid) even as a teenager, one of my chores was to make my bed everyday. To this day, I cannot stand to get in an unmade bed. My hubby makes it most of the time now that we are both retired. I guess this is a habit that I will take to the grave with me.


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