September 26, 2010

Catching up

I have been busy.  Today, I drove to my NEW favorite quilt shop Quilter's Paradise, in Escondido.  My friend Darlene suggested a meet-up, so I could see what EQ was all about.

First, let me tell you about Quilter's Paradise.  It was in a warehouse area of town.  The owners had taken that huge space and made it a perfect quilt shop.  They have a fabulous selection of quilting fabric.  I think what made me love this shop was their choices would have been my choices to carry, if I owned a quilt fabric store.  In addition, the store was large and airy, not cramped and cluttered.

Quilter's Paradise - San Diego's Must See Quilt Shop

The EQ class was taught, in one of the large class rooms, the instructor was Catherine Wilson and the class was FREE!  There were 10 people attending, who had EQ on their laptops, so the class was very hands-on and informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the other attendees.  I'm going to keep EQ in mind, I don't think I'm quite ready for that step, yet.  I do know the day will come.

I have another reason why Quilter's Paradise is my new favorite quilt fabric store, when I went to make a purchase, in addition to treating me like I was the Greatest Customer in the world, (you know, they way we all want to be treated!), I received a 15% discount, just for attending a FREE class.  Really.  I can't tell you how many quilting fabric stores I've visited without even being tempted to make a single purchase.

This is part of a new quilt-top I just finished using Lumière de Noël by French General.  I've very please with it and am just waiting for backing fabric to finish it, and show it off.

Last week, I also got my annual employee review, (and raise), at B&N.  My review was great; when Bob was working he always described this type of report as "they thought I was walking on water".  It's so nice to be appreciated at work.


  1. I'm so happy you were able to join me at QP and you liked this quilt shop. I thought this might give you an opportunity to get some exposure to EQ6/7. Just sorry I ended up arriving late and didn't have time to visit.

    Great post!


    PS - In blogland I tend to go by SewCalGal. I like being an undercover reporter....hee, hee, hee

  2. I like that qult shop too Jan. I love your flimsy. Very nice.

  3. Love the pattern...are you willing to share?


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