August 19, 2010

Shoot me 15 of 52

Oden stayed with us the past two weeks. We had two trips to the zoo and two baseball games. As we were leaving a minor league baseball game, he said, "Oh, look, a hippie van." I told him I had one like this but with a different paint job, and a sun roof.

Shoot Me! is hosted by Carin, of Forever in Blue Jeans. Thank you Carin for hosting.


  1. Great photo Jan...your a fun Grandmother.

  2. Cute pic. love the hippie van. Sounds like you all are having a great time.

  3. I saw the van and I thought Hippie van, that's my era. OLD hippie!
    Thanks for the visit!

  4. Before we got the Fiat my husband was aching to buy a VW van or a 67 Chevy van like the Mystery Machine, lol. You two look very happy!


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