July 24, 2010

Weekend plans

I have a very busy weekend planned. First, on Saturday, I'm going to the International Quilt Festival, in Long Beach, my hometown. I've been quilting for just over a year, so this will be my first time.

I'm going to stay over, then driving to Los Angeles for Renegade. This is Renegade's 2nd year in LA, my first time attending, and it'll be outdoors for the first time. It's being held in The Cornfield, the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

I'll be taking lots of photos both days, to share.


  1. Sounds like something I would like to do...have a blast Jan.

  2. Hope you have a great time Jan. I was there all day and night on Thusday. Took a class and went to preview night. Thn spent yesterday from 8 am till 2:oo PM. A morning class and some last minute shopping. Today I'm off again o another agenda.

  3. I hope you had an awesome time but I'm sure you did and can't wait to see pics!


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