June 20, 2010

Weekend Reflections

Today is the first time in our memory we had Father's Day free. The kids will be here later in the week for Bob's birthday. We strolled over to the Cal Oaks Sports Park for the 40th Annual Father's Day Car Show. It was really great. The that's Bob and I reflected in the rear of a '31 Ford headlamp. Plus there's lots of other reflections going on, too.
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  1. Great picture. As much as I love spending time with family it is always nice to have a day free.

  2. How cool! I bet he had a grand time looking at those old cars! Happy father's day to him!

  3. Looks like a great way to spend the day to me! I love peeking at cars. I see you guys! *waving*

  4. Love the shot. I posted a similar one but from the left side of an old car.


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