June 3, 2010

Blogging friends

I've had a blogging friend for several years, Allie. I won't give your her url, because her blog is private. (She has young children and became worried about their safety after someone was continually lurking.) We became friends after she won a necklace I offered as part of One World One Heart. We also have a common bond of being cops wives. I received an email from her this week saying that she needed to talk to me about being a police wife. I sent her my phone number. She sent another email, telling me what the problem was, and it was huge. I responded, and yesterday she called.

It was so great talking to her. Because we've been blog friends for so long, it was just like talking to any other old friend. I could ask about her Mom, her kids and husband, and call them by name, amazing; and she knew all about what we'd been up to and asked after Bob. Some day we'll meet IRL, too.

This Saturday, I'm having a meet-up with a new blog friend, Darlene. We're going to go to a quilt fabric store, or two, in the San Diego area. It'll be fun, I'm sure and I'll probably do a post about it. She will be the 3rd blogger I've met IRL, the others are Katney and Mary T., both wonderful blog friends.


  1. I hope Allie is ok. It is nice to have friends that will listen, support and encourage....and go shopping! I'm so looking forward to meeting you Saturday and visiting some quilt shops (hopefully lunch too).


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  3. Someday maybe the two Jan's can meet IRL. It is amazing that a little blog can cause friendships. When I talk about people that I meet on the blog I ususally say "my blog friend in CA" and my kids know who I am talking about. Have a great time.

  4. This is what I get for not checking blogs for a few days!!! It WAS so great to talk to you too!! I loved putting a voice to your face, and thanks again for the chat. :D


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