May 11, 2010

The Strip Club,

I had a great day driving around San Diego, yesterday. San Diego is a little over an hour south of Murrieta, so I planned several stops. First was The Container Store, I had a list and got everything. Carrie and Erin are visiting for two weeks in June, and I'm starting to spruce up a few things.

Then on to Urban Outfitters. I was disappointed in their store in Hillcrest, one of my favorite neighborhoods. It was soooo small, and had none of the "Apartment" goods I wanted to browse. Next time I'll try the store in the East Village, or go to my fave in Costa Mesa.

Next up was the trek to El Cajon, another 30 minutes, I'm driving in a rough long narrow triangle shape, here! The Cozy Quilt Shop, is a new destination for me. My blog friend Darlene mentioned their "Strip Club", and I wanted to check it out. I had no idea what to expect, but I'm the adventurous sort.

This is what it was: 70+ women turned out to hear a presentation, "each month we release a new Strip Club pattern designed to use 2 ½" strips". You come into the shop, (after making several wrong turns, my directions weren't great), you are greeted, and handed your copy of the free pattern, and a raffle ticket. At the back of the shop are chairs for the presentation, plus water, coffee, cookies and cupcakes! The women come early, and they apparently come often. The shop owner and pattern designer, Daniela Stout, gave the presentation. She was very warm and funny. At the end of the presentation, there was a drawing for 3 door prizes. Good times, I'll go again.
This is the sample quilt for the free pattern, it's called Lucky Charms.

Now, for some more fun. I've always love a good Flash Mob video.
Students and staff break out into a dance in the great hall of the new Ohio Union on Monday, May 3, 2010 around 12:35 PM. TheOhioUnion

This was a fake commercial made in 1998 for a series of educational shorts about action figures based on historical figures. Its educational value was somewhat suspect. It was never aired. FineMoustaches


  1. I would go to a class like that, too bad we have none near us. But I'm glad you had a good time!

  2. Glad to know you had fun at Cozy's Strip Club. Sorry I was out of town and couldn't go with you, but if you go again, just let me know and hopefully we can go together and have lunch afterwards!


  3. Strip Club...kinda catchy! Love it. I still haven't found a good quilt store here. Had a great one in WI.


  4. I've seen some other "flash mob" stuff and I always enjoy them. My favorite was in grand central station...


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