May 15, 2010

Quilt Finishes

Today, I went back and made a photo record of my finished quilts. I've never kept a list, and I'm always being asked how many I've made. So far, 16 are finished and posted. I have 3 more to take photos of, and they'll be posted soon. I have 2 at the long-arm quilter's, I'm just waiting for her call. I have one hanging ready to be quilted. So, that's a total of 22, in one year. If you're curious, you can see them here. I think I'll post the new quilts, regularly, as I have them finished and photographed.


  1. First let me say I so love your quilts. And I am glad that you are posting them. I hope to start to do the same thing as soon as school is out and I have the time to find them. I have no idea how many. I can;t wait to se the next ones!

  2. Holey moley! That's a whole lot of quilting going on! Love the colors in this one!

  3. I love finishes. Seems like fireworks need to go off. Especially with this beautiful quilt. Congratulations!


  4. That is an amazing accomplishmnt to have so many finished. Good for you!

  5. 22 quilts are an amazing achievement! They are all beautiful, too!


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