May 7, 2010


My granddaughter, Erin, 17, is starting to drive. When I was talking to her Mom, Carrie, I asked if she remembered the first time I let her behind the steering wheel. She said, "No"; I was surprised. I, of no memory, it's not old age - I've never had a good memory; do remember.
I'd taken my teenage daughters on a weekend trip to Solvang, a Danish community, of about 50 miles, north of Santa Barbara. I was driving a '78 Camero, and Carrie, 15 1/2, begged to drive. We were on country roads and I really thought this might be the best place for the first time driving. We lived in a city, and driving was more of a challenge at home.

I let her drive, and she did very well. All of a sudden the country road, merged with a freeway! Her eyes got really big and she said, never taking her eyes off the road, "What do I do, now!". She exited the freeway, as soon as possible. She's still a great driver! If I do say so myself.


  1. HaHa...I remember teaching my daughters to drive...had many heart in throat experiences. I wonder if they remember them!

  2. LOL! I remember my mom teaching me to drive when I was 15 1/2. I also remember her making me learn to change a tire before she'd let me get my driver's license, as well as learning how to fill up the car with gas. I was fearful I'd hit the gas pump and there would be a big explosion!


    PS - Have fun at Cozy's tomorrow. I've heard they are going to have free raffle prizes!

  3. Solvang! One of my favorite spots. My grandparents are from Denmark and it has always been special to us. Oh, I so remember teaching the kids to drive and my husband never wanting to let me drive and yet had no trouble with me teaching the kids to drive. ;0)


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