May 16, 2010

Fun Monday

This week's theme is SHOES. What would we do without them? So please tell us about your shoes and pictures are encouraged.

At work, I'm on my feet for up to 8 hours, each shift, so my shoes have to be comfortable, not beautiful.

Knocking around the house, and teaching Tai Chi, I wear these.

All summer I wear these. They are my favorite.

To see what the other participants wear on their feet, visit Thom.

P.S. I won't be around for Fun Monday, next week, Bob and I are going to the Book Show, in NYC.


  1. Awww now these all look comfy. :) Isn't it funny how we all get a favorite pair of shoes that we just love? I wear my slippers until there is almost nothing left to them LOL. Thanks for playing and have a fun time in NYC :)

  2. Hahaha ! I see we have the same idea about shoes ! No Imelda Marcos at all !

  3. I think Feet would approve of all of these little numbers!

  4. Comfort is the way to go...its a must if your standing on your feet all day...comfortable shoes can make for a much better work day.

  5. I like your work shoes. NOTHING beats comfy. :D

  6. Black goes with everything!! Those all look so comfy! Have fun in NYC!!! We'll miss you!

  7. I love those Skechers shoes. I own a similar pair and they go with everything!

  8. I wear practical not necessarily pretty too. lol

  9. I cannot imagine standing on my feet all day... My feet would kill me! Perhaps it's something you build up to?

    Love the tai chi shoes!


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