May 9, 2010

Fun Monday

This is the challenge from Joangee of Musings in Waffle:

Fun is the theme this week. Toys, games and pass-times. If like me you have pets, and/or children which are their favourite toys? Photos please... Or what are your favourite pass-times?

I have no children living at home, so I'll show you some of my pass-times. My life is about:

Books - I won't show any, you all know what a book looks like!

Quilts (fabric) - I've always been a seamstress, but I started quilting last June. I've built a large stash of fabric to work with.

Photography - This is one of my favorite photos. I took this at a baseball game, with this beautiful girl's Dad's permission.

Happy Fun Monday, everyone.


  1. Books, quilts, and photography - my favorite pasttimes too!

    The little girl is so cute. Love those freckles!

  2. Love your fabric stash.

    My Fun Monday post is up, too:

  3. I've seen some of your quilts - I think you do lovely work! That's something I'd love to get into if/when my life slows down to the point where I can have a sit-down hobby!

  4. Even us adults need our toys and fun. :0) I love quilting and you sure jumped right in and zam you're going strong! Love your creations!

  5. I think you forgot blogging as a nice pass time,which is my favourite one, lol !

  6. Love the picture of that little girl. She is adorable :) nice quilting stash :) Have a great week ahead :)

  7. I've always wanted to learn to quilt. Maybe one day. I too share your passion for photography. I need to get a better camera though.

  8. I have a ton of fabric just for quilting. :)
    The little girl is just precious.


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