May 2, 2010

Fun Monday

The FM assignment this week is from the beauteous Sayre: "It's a photo challenge - I want to see your pet(s) up close and personal."

We've had 10 dogs, during our married life, and tons of other critters. Two Cairn Terriers currently reside at Casa de Prytz, Dudley and Lizzie. They are both rescues, and they are great dogs. Here are their close-ups.

Lizzie is first, she's the oldest at 12 years old.
We're her second owner, the first owner treated her as an object, not a pet.
She doesn't play, and it took us years to make her feel loved.
I showed her cute little foot, because when we first adopted her, her feet bled
when we walked her; she wasn't use to being walked on a sidewalk!

Two shots of Dudley's nose. Dudley is 10, and he's a great boy, and a boon companion.
We're his third owner, he's always been in a family situation and he's a great
watchdog and loves to play ball.

I'm cheating, here. This is how we usually see our dogs.

Dudley, running like the wind, with a tennis ball in his mouth
Lizzie, with her butt in the air, hunting for critters.

Bob and Oden, getting ready to walk these two.
Thank you Sayre for hosting this week.
Go visit her to see who else played.


  1. My 10-month old schnauzer still prefers to walk on the grass. Her feet too might bleed if she walked for too long on cement, at least she is certain they would. LOL My poochon is fine either way.

  2. Such cute dogs...we were considering Cairin terries when we were thinking about getting a dog. I didnt play because we have no pets.

  3. Very cute. But I'm not sure how Dudley can see with all that hair, or maybe it is the photo. I think Dudley needs some hair clips!


  4. freakin' adorable!
    Makes me wanna get down and roll around and play. Love pet paws!

  5. Great shots! and beautiful pups...

  6. Love your photos! What a good idea to have a paw photo!
    I'd never stand a chance of getting a shot like that. Both our two dogs would move away too quickly if I tried it.
    Thanks for sharing...

  7. I love the paw!! :) They are sooooo cute!

    All of our pets are rescued, except for our male cat. We got him from a neighbor when he was a kitten.

  8. They are both adorable ! Lucky for Lizzie, that she found you ! some people should not be allowed to have pets !

  9. I love paw shots (I have one on my blog too!)... When we first got Revan, his feet would bleed when we took him out for a walk. Very sad. They're nice and tough now though!

    Your dogs are just adorable!

  10. Great photos! Your terriers are soooo darn cute! I am yearning for a smaller dog. I have always owned a larger breed.

  11. Those nose close-ups quite literally made me giggle. Lucky dogs--and lucky people--that you decided to rescue and finally make them feel safe.


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