April 30, 2010


There was an article in the LA Times this morning about the lost items at Coachella . The only thing mentioned that was different from the Lost and Found at the bookstore was the cameras. The festival had 42 cameras turned in, and many more registered as found. We get all the same things, plus tons of baby things, but no cameras; keys, cell phones, SHOES!, makeup, wallets, sunglasses, prescription glasses, drivers licences, notebooks, school assignments, Medicare cards, credit cards, cash, CLOTHING, but no cameras. What do we do with all this "stuff"? I personally sort out all the trash, shred the credit cards and other plastic cards, and give the rest to Goodwill.


Rant: political, so you may want to skip it.

I'm not happy about the AZ profiling law. That's how I see it, as profiling. My ancestors came to America in the late 1600's, on the Davis side of my family, and the early 1800's on the Sorenson side of my family. I'm white as can be. Growing up, I lived in a very mixed neighborhood, Westside Long Beach, until I was married. Half of my neighbors were Caucasian, the remainder were either Hispanic, mostly Mexican, or Japanese. Some of my Japanese neighbors lived in the "camps", during WWII, and never complained or talked about it. These last two groups were recent immigrants to America. Under the new AZ law, they would have to carry proof of citizenship at all times I wouldn't, they would. How can this be fair, or American.

Another thought that entered my head regarding this law, is there are plenty of new illegal Caucasian immigrants in our country, maybe even in AZ, but I bet they would never be asked to tender documents. Shame on AZ.

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