March 9, 2010

Lucky, lucky me

I only know two quilters, IRL, and one of them, Melissa, a fellow bookseller at B&N, gave me over 60 of her quilting magazines. Talk about a bonanza. She's an accomplished quilter; while I just stumble along. I am so grateful. Thank you Michelle. (The background in the photo is one of the tablecloths I made for my dining room table.)

Last year, I won a give away from Jenny of Stickyfeathers fame. Because of complications,( go read her blog if you want details, she's fabulous), the book came this week. After I'm done going thru it, I'm sending it on to my favorite oldest daughter, Carrie; because she loves the Pioneer Woman. Thank you Jenny.


  1. Wow, you are lucky. Have fun reading through those magazines.

  2. The quilting mags look very interesting. And I know Carrie will love her new cookbook. I got my daughter in CO and and then my MIL gave me one for Christmas. I love it. The photography is outstanding and the recipes...well, let's jsut say we are on a life style change and some of the recipes need some tweaking before we can eat them. But the ones we tried were deliciuos.

  3. Oh wow! What a great amount of quilting books! My mom and grandma quilt, and I've made a couple, I actually have two tops nearly done (for two years, lol) but haven't had my machine out in ages. :(

    I was really surprised to see Pioneer Woman's cook book in B&N, thought that was pretty cool!


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