February 10, 2010


  • There's still time to get in on my Homemade Pay It Forward. You can check it out, here.
  • Today I got some books off in the mail for the Monday Book Giveaway winners, and to my daughters. In the Wonderful Daughter's envelops, I included their Valentines gift. I can't say what it is because it's related to the Homemade PIF.
  • Last week, I made a tablecloth for our dining room table, today, I'm making another. I loved the way the first one turned out. We seldom use our dining room table for dining. We use it for game nights at our house. We belong to two groups, one plays cards and one plays dominoes; when it's our turn to host, I like a heavy cloth on the table, so it won't move around with the cards and dominoes, especially. Since the dining room table is also my sewing table, I'll take photos later, to show off.

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