February 23, 2010

Two finished.

What a relief.

This one is for a gift.

I think this one will go into the shop, later this week.

I've been working twice as much as usual, not a complaint, so my sewing time has been cut. I have two more quilts to bind, one to finish, and about 10-15 swirling around in my head.


  1. GORGEOUS! Absolutely Gorgeous and SOOO unique!

  2. I love all you quilts. I have done one like the black and white one. What is the name of the first one? Do you still have the patern and would you like to share it? I love how you finish your backs!

  3. Really great quilts Jan. Love them all!

  4. They are both beautiful and so different from each other. I love the look of the zigzag quilt and I love the colors of the black, white and citron quilt.

  5. those are beautiful, you're gifting me with that 2nd one right? p.s. I like the hanger, he's very well trained.


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