February 20, 2010


Last winter I started experiencing dry itchy skin, mainly on my back. I put it down to my age, and the drought we were experiencing. I did some research and settled on Eurcerin Calming Cream. It really worked. All winter long, it solved my problem. I no longer was doing this:

This winter, in spite of all our rain, it was worse, with a capital W! I put my thinking cap on and decided to add Solarcaine with Aloe to my morning regime. (Oh the perks of growing older.) Problem solved, at least for this year.

  • After my shower, I spray Solarcaine on all my itchy spots, (entire back!)
  • While it soaks in I put some product in my hair, brush and floss my teeth, use toner and moisturize my face.
  • I use Eucerine Daily Replenishing Lotion, recommended by my dermatologist to stop all those pesky pre-cancers that California and other Sunbelt girls and boys get, on the rest of my body. (I'm sorry if this sounds like a Eucerine commercial, but the stuff really works. I was having 2-8 pre-cancers removed annually, until I started using it; now, none!.)
  • Finally it's time for the Calming Cream. The Solarcaine has soaked in, and the added layer of Calming Cream does the trick, keeping my skin under control for the day. Yea.

I know most bloggers aren't as old a I am, sometimes I feel as if I'm the oldest one out there, but maybe this will help some one.


  1. and now my back is itching! I'll have to try that Eucerin stuff, might as well get a jump on what I know will happen anyways.

    p.s. we'll start on your blog on Mon. if that's okay... I am still not bouncing back as quickly as I would have thought from the meds.

  2. Thanks! I hate the itchy, dry back!
    I've been a Eucerin user since my 30 year old baby was born with sensitive skin. I used cloth diapers (a personal and financial choice) and not even rubber panties to be able to keep her changed so she wouldn't blister. The trick finally was- Eucerin! Dr. prescribed, and it worked!!

  3. Ok, it is added to my shopping list. thanks Jan.

  4. Ok, it is added to my shopping list. thanks Jan.


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