February 16, 2010


Yesterday, I ordered 3 books for a woman to send her son, and found 3 others on the shelf. Often when booksellers order books for sons, the sons are incarcerated. Some times when dealing with the parents you get a glimmer of why; but some times, not. After all, being incarcerated involves a lot of life choices.

This particular woman was unusual, because she was sending all these books, and more, to her son in Afghanistan. He was assigned out in "Indian" country and there is absolutely nothing to do in any spare time; he was pleading for books. He'd never been a reader, but he's reading, now; and his mother is very happy to feed his new habit.

She asked him what he did with all the books he read; he passes them on to his friends; creating his own Camp Library.


  1. This brings up an excellent opportunity for help. I do recall a woman who was retired to a pretty highup military officer (General) and she had connections to get boxes of items on airplanes, to ship for free. I'll try search to see if I can find her name and see if she can help. Maybe we can start a book drive for our soldiers overseas! In the meantime, this is a nice post and delightful to hear of this woman.


  2. Yes, this is a lovely thing to do Jan. Let me know if you start a book drive for our soldiers.

  3. I don't think that the guys would like any of the books that I read but I will go thru Mark's stuff and see what he has. Also let me know if you start a book drive. I'd love to help out. Or get the ladies name and address and I'll send books to her. Waht a great thing!


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